Policies, Suggestions, Preparation, FAQ

Our policies are designed for your safety, the safety of other participants, and the safety of the horses, to include but are not limited to:

  • All riders must sign our online release any time prior to your arrival:  Sign Waiver Here
  • Participants will obey the instructions of the EEE Representative or Guide
  • Participants are responsible for their own conduct, at their own risk
  • No participant may injure, tease, whip or harass our horses
  • Experienced riders (intermediate or advanced) 10 years old and up
  • Weight limit of 235 pounds
  • Special arrangements can be made for groups wanting to enjoy beginner rider experiences, kayaking or swamp buggy experiences
  • Other friends or family not participating on the ride can join you for the meal portion of the experience for an additional cost
  • Some of the parks and properties where we ride do not have bathroom facilities, but there is endless nature
  • Our guides will try their best to take photos of you with your cameras in addition to our EEE camera, but please respect their time and their responsibilities, including that of the safety of all riders
  • Tips for your guide(s) are encouraged, but not required
  • Sorry, no dogs on the rides
  • Our ‘season’ for trail riding experiences runs from October 15 through June 15 annually


  • We have English, Western & Polo Saddles available for your use, or you are welcome to bring your own saddle
  • All riders must wear helmets (we can provide these, or you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Wear long pants, long or short sleeves, and if cool, bring another layer. Enclosed shoes, preferably boots, are required (no sandals)
  • Please wear a hat for when you don’t have your helmet on, as the sun in Florida is strong
  • Rain slickers without hoods are provided in the event of rain
  • We will provide throw blankets & fire pits during the dinner hours, but it doesn’t get cold very often
  • Apply sunscreen before you arrive, but we have sunscreen available if you need to reapply
  • We will provide water and snacks for you on your guide’s horse
  • OK to bring treats (carrots or horses treats) but they must be given to the horses only with permission of EEE Representative or Guide, and never when the horse has a bit in his mouth
  • Riders must not carry loose items on rides which might fall, blow away, flap in the wind, bounce, dig into the horse’s skin, or make sharp noises (cameras, keys, unrolled windbreakers, toys, purses, toys, selfie sticks). We suggest an armband for your phone like you use for working out. We can lock up your personal items and hold a couple personal items for you on a guide’s horse, if needed
  • Please leave any valuables or large bags at home


We will contact you by email or phone in the days before your pre-booked experience. Meet at the EEE homebase in the Sarasota Polo Club, then drive with us or follow us out to the property where you will be riding, or you can meet us right at the property.

Your scheduled arrival time includes 30 minutes prior to ‘riding out’. This will give you time to check in, get ready, help groom tack up if you are experienced, use the restrooms, take pictures and say hi to the horses. It is imperative to be on time. If you are lost, call us immediately so we can assist you in finding your way.